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Recent Testimonials

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Amazing changes to our dogs in just two hours! Thank you!!

Brigitte / Dublin

Guy was fantastic! He was the third trainer we hired to help us with our dog. His techniques were by far the most effective - for us and for our dog. We appreciated his calm manner and patience. There was no judgment on his part; just calm reassurance. He gave detailed instructions and explanations, as well as clear guidelines for home work. We highly recommend The K9 Guy!

Laurie / Powell

It's been less than 24 hours, and we already see improvement with Finley! She is listening much better and seems calmer. I did the tethering exercise with her this morning after her walk when she was over-excited, and it took less than 2 minutes for her to lay down and settle. Thank you!!!

Beth / Westerville

If I had known training would be this effective on the very first visit, I would've done this year's ago! AMAZING.

Jane / Worthington

We have already recommended Guy to several of our friends. Working with Guy has enabled to have the most satisfactory relationship we have ever had with one of our dogs.

Cindy / Columbus

Guy understood the training issues we had with our puppy and he addressed them effectively. His methods are not harsh, but they get results. He demonstrated how she was learning to understand the commands. We still have work to do, but we are extremely happy with the progress she had made.

Vicki / Lewis Center

Before we adopted our dog, Ravi, he had been at two different shelters and had already been adopted and returned by at least one family because they "couldn't handle him." He is a sweet dog but it was hard to tell this because he was constantly jumping on and biting us (not intentionally trying to hurt anyone but a 60 lb lab's "play biting" is painful and could have been dangerous in the wrong situation), and was in general just out of control. After trying myself to work with him for a while, and becoming more discouraged by the day because he wasn't getting any better, I decided to look for a trainer to get some help. This is when I found Guy's website. In a total of only three visits he showed us some really effective techniques that have drastically changed Ravi's behavior for the better (there was a huge improvement even after the first visit). Our dog has gone from being hyper and out of control all the time to being calm and well behaved most of the time. There is no judgment from Guy, just calm observation and instruction. He is organized and professional, yet personal and kind as well. He is truly gifted when it comes to working with dogs (and their owners!) and I am so grateful to have found him!

Suzanne / Sunbury

I am so thankful that we found the K9Guy. After 3 visits in our home, we now have a well behaved Schnauzer puppy . I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with friends and family and a well behaved puppy instead on one who would have been crated. Guy directed his sessions to our specific needs. His suggestions were "spot on". It is an ongoing process. I still refer to the hand outs, and homework that he left us with, but our life is so much better now with a calm sweet puppy.

Sue / Westerville

Guy was prompt, courteous, non-judgmental, and helped me to feel more confident when working with my dogs, including a new puppy. He offered many suggestions and easy tips that I actually didn't find online. He works himself out of a job since he crams so much into his first visits! The dogs and I appreciate his professional help.

Rosemary / Columbus

We recently rescued a Doberman and Guy helped us establish guidelines and boundaries with him quickly. He no longer begs at the dinner table, he sits on command and lays down when asked to. With Guy's help our new companion has quickly become a wonderful addition to our family. Patience and consistency are the key, and an excellent trainer for the owners doesn't hurt either. If you are looking for immediate results look no further. We highly recommend Guy.

Barb / Columbus

Highly recommend! Our 2 yr old Australian Shepherd was a wild one. He has some anxiety which lead to some problematic behaviors. With in just 3 visits with Guy, we are now able to have our dog off leash (with the help of a correcting collar) and out socializing with other dogs/people. Guy is very patient and thorough. He helped us understand what we had to change in order to see a change in our dog. Great experience!

Sara / New Albany

Guy is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. It's obvious how much he cares for animals and our dog Macie loved him!

Amy / Hilliard

My 7 year old, 90 pound Labrador Retriever always pulled when walking and lunged towards other dogs, people or anything that looked interesting. In a single session, Guy taught me techniques that corrected these behaviors. I'm no longer scared to take my dog out. I've walked with my friends and their dogs, taken her to the dog park and look forward to new challenges instead of avoiding them. This was an awesome experience and didn't cost a fortune.

Holly / Delaware

The K9 Guy helped me to start to really gain control again in my house. He will be the first person I call should I continue to run into behavioral issues. I used to be bruised head to toe with jumping and biting- now I can relax in my house again- thank you!!

Dana / Columbus

Guy is very professional and knowledgeable about dogs. He asked at the onset what our goals were with our dog Bernie (instead of assuming we wanted all the training he can provide). Bernie is a hyperactive dog who barks a lot and "chases shadows". Guy gave us training instructions to help address our concerns and also provided insight into why Bernie behaved badly. Thanks to Guy's instructions we now have a calmer dog and our neighbors no longer complain about his barking. Thanks Guy!

Sue / Powell

So helpful with our 6 month puppy,all the training tips he gave us actually work! The fact that he was here close to 2 hrs was great it really gave him insight to our puppy.

Beth / Powell

Guy worked with our new German shepherd puppy for 3 sessions. We could see great improvements even after the 1st session. He is very knowledgeable. His methods are very effective and easy to follow. After 3 sessions, now our dog loves going on walks, she listens and never pulls the leash. She is very good with our 1 and 5yr olds. Guy really made our life a lot easier with his methods. We would definitely use his services again for more advanced training for our dog. We highly recommend him for anybody who would like to provide professional/easy to follow training their dogs. Thank you.

Cathy / Dublin

We had Guy over for one training and our dog is now walking nicely, she's (almost) stopped peeing in our house, she is less frantic when visitors come, and is more attentive with commands. We will have him come back to keep the momentum going!

Kate / Powell

I wish I had called him years ago. Guy really helped us understand our dogs and how to help them.

Melinda / Columbus

We are thrilled with our experience. Guy is the best and we look forward to learning even more from him.

Mark + Laura / Dublin

Guy is a wonderful trainer, very patient, kind with the dogs and us. We would highly recommend him.

Julie and Mary / Dublin

Guy takes time to explain things, works on any issues or concerns that one may have with their dog, & leaves homework and a summary of the visit and what to work on after the training session is over. He also follows up a couple weeks after the training session to see how things are going.

Jennica / Dublin

I am so thankful that our vet recommended the K9 guy. Our family was at a breaking point and were so afraid we would have to find a new home for our anxious pup. We have 2 female boxer mixes that started fighting with each other and we have 2 children in our home. We didn't know what to do! Guy came to our home, worked his magic, and helped make us, as owners, more knowledgeable. We are continuing to use the techniques that Guy taught us and are so thankful that we met him. My only regret is that I wish we would've called him sooner!

Brooke / Sunbury

I can't believe how much better my dog is in one day after K9 Guy was here!!! I have had German Shepherds all my life but Guy taught us so much!!! What a difference!! He taught US how to work with the dog!!

Judy / Columbus

We've been through a few dog trainers, but Guy had the biggest positive impact on my dog. I highly recommend Guy's methods.

Kathy / Dublin

Guy has given me the tools I need to train my puppy with confidence. I appreciate his calm and balanced approach that is fair and builds trust between me and my dog. Definitely time and money well-spent. I have already recommended him to a couple friends.

Felicia / Dublin

After one training session with Guy, and being consistent in doing the homework he gave us, our dogs (2 Pitbulls) are so much better behaved! We highly recommend The K9 Guy!

Karen / Worthington

Guy came to our home to work with my wife and I and our newly adopted Ella. He really got us on the same page in our training approach with Ella and provided a huge amount of ideas, advice and recommendations along with the one on one direction that we needed to get off to a good start with our new dog.

Terry / Powell

We really enjoyed our time with Guy. It was very informative and educational. He answers all the questions we had with useful information. We have already noticed a difference in our dog by applying the techniques we learned. It's just up to us to keep it going. I would definitely recommend The K9 Guy to others!

Lesley / Out of Area

Calling Guy is the 1st step to having a happy puppy/wife living in harmony. After the 1st visit and a few weeks of easy training I had a happy home again. Thanks Guy!

Jason / Columbus

Guy has been wonderful in helping us teach our German Shepherd puppy good manners. His knowledge and advice were instrumental in creating a better behaved puppy. I highly recommend for any puppy/dog training!

Jennifer / Columbus

Great expertise, much information, no wasted time. Worth the time and money.

Joan / Dublin

The K9 guy gave us great advice and methods for further training. Very pleased with his services!

April / Gahanna

Guy was very thorough in his evaluation of our Mini-Aussie. Brewster is having food guarding issues and jealously. We are working hard on using his techniques and look forward to the day we can not worry about his aggressive behavior. Thank you Guy!

Ben / Gahanna

Guy is very knowledgeable and helped settle down our German Shepherd tremendously. I would certainly recommend him to anyone I know.

Andy / Columbus

The K9 Guy was referred to me by a friend. I was in need of some help with my 4 month old Cavapoo. He, Buddy, wasn't out of control... yet and I thought it was best to call in a professional now rather than later. So, glad I made the phone call. The initial meeting with Guy was full of helpful information as well as hands on work with Buddy. Guy also left reading material and homework. I'm anxious to get started training Buddy. Stay tuned for an update down the road.

Patricia / New Albany Area

Guy did a great job with our 1 year old golden retriever. We had problems such as jumping, walking on leash, staying calm, staying off of furniture. After the training secession with Guy we see a lot of improvement. Continuous home work provided by Guy is very effective.

Shameni / Columbus