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In Home Dog Training and Education, Columbus, OH Area

Dog Training in OH

Well trained dogs are a pleasure to own! They can earn privileges like walking without a leash, visiting friends and family, or romping in the park. Obedience, more than anything else, is a language you can develop with your dog to guide behaviors (demo videos here). The sooner you start, the more years you'll have to enjoy a rewarding companion. I work with all breeds of dogs (toys and giants alike), and offer varied options for all life stages and owner goals.

Professional Dog Training Services

Dog training (teaching commands) can start as early as 4 months of age, or any time in a healthy dog's life. Sessions are 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. At a first visit, 10-15 minutes is used for a family interview, assessment of your dog, and discussion of any desired goals. This information helps me better understand you and your pet, and tailor all sessions to be as beneficial as possible. The remainder of this first session is used for teaching and training. Follow up visits can be scheduled at your convenience.

Every command involves teaching a dog more than taking a position for a treat. Obedience requires that a dog understand commands are not optional, required on 1st request, and that compliance is expected around distractions and without food. The time needed to reach obedience goals depends on both your dog's personality, and your own ability to work regularly with your pet(s). I multi-task dogs and owners to help gain reliable results as quickly as possible. As you progress, you can help your dog more thoroughly understand all aspects of what is expected with every command he/she learns. The K9 Guy and his dog Brody

How Many Visits Will I Need ? -

Starting Puppies Off Right

While dogs under 4 months of age are too young for training, I do provide puppy consultations. These visits are 90 minutes in length and provide a great start for new puppies during the critical first 4 months of development. Topics include age-specific socialization needs, house training (house breaking) procedures, curbing play biting, proper crating, and more.

Baby Preparation Visits

One common concern for owners is preparing their dog(s) for a new baby in the home. While many dogs do fine with a new baby, it can be a dramatic change for some that may lead to problems. Preparation can help with this adjustment by clarifying a dog's role in the family, and providing owners ways to focus their dog's interaction in the new family dynamic. Because some obedience work is recommended as part of this process, I ask owners to please call at least 3 months prior to their due date.

Need Something Else? Just Call for Additional Information

Please contact me for additional information, or to inquire about any other service not listed.