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Out of My Area?

If you live outside my service area, the publications below may be of interest to you. Instructions for obtaining purchased publications are emailed immediately upon receipt of payment. You may also find the following trainer locators (available through my professional organizations) helpful: NKDTA | IACP.

Available Publications

Information outlined in “The K9 Guy llc” publications is based on the experience of a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT). Publications contain the same information provided to local clients seeking healthy relationships with their pets. Many local clients have found this information helpful, so it is being offered here for those wishing to improve their knowledge regarding dogs. Please review content summaries before purchasing to assess a publication's merit for you and your dog(s). Because there is no way to return information, no refunds are available for these publications.

Because this information lacks any personal assessment of your pet, or control of its interpretation and application, no liability is assumed by The K9 Guy llc for its use. In no case should it take priority over recommendations offered by any canine professional who has seen you and/or your dog in person. If recommendations found in these publications do not bring improvement, or result in any degradation of behavior, owners should discontinue their use and consult a local professional dog trainer. All material is copyrighted. Reproduction or redistribution of this information without explicit permission of The K9 Guy llc is a violation of applicable laws.

A Trainer's Perspective on Dogs | House Training | Puppy 101 | Puppy Pack

A Trainer's Perspective on Dogs

  • pg 2 - Overview
  • pg 2 - Breed vs Personality
  • pg 3 - Personality Types
  • pg 4 - Pack Mentality
  • pg 4 - Balanced Communication
  • pg 5 - The 3 Components Needed for Best Behavior
  • pg 5 - Component 1 - Leadership
  • pg 6 - Being a Leader Every Day
  • pg 9 - Component 2 – Obedience Training
  • p 10 - Training Methods
  • p 11 - Teaching vs Management
  • p 12 - Training Early
  • p 13 - Component 3 – Supervision
  • p 13 - Putting it all Together in Daily Life
  • p 14 - Some Random Thoughts
  • p 15 - Summary
  • This 15 page manual contains information to help owners obtain the best behaviors and obedience from their dog(s). This IS NOT a how-to manual. It offers a trainer's viewpoints and conceptual information regarding human-canine relationships.
    COST: $10.00 / 166 KB PDF.

    House Training

    This 8 page manual details a step by step approach to make clear to your dog what is expected regarding house training. For dogs with long histories of elimination problems, other factors may require additional assistance from a local professional.
    COST: $6.00 / 88 KB PDF.

    Puppy 101

    This 10 page manual contains important information for the healthy early development of puppies under 4 months of age.
    COST: $6.00 / 106 KB PDF.

    Puppy Pack

    Includes both the House Training and Puppy 101 publications at a discount.
    COST: $10.00