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Living the Dog Life

Heartfelt praise beats treats - every day!

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ARTICLES - The Empathy of Dogs - 03-23-17
EVENTS - Central Ohio Rescue Events

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Daily Dog News

Puppy to Become Children's Hospital Facility Dog
Pup Helps Anxious Dog
Animal Planet New Series on Rescue Dogs

Aussie Mastiff is Therapy Dog
Dog Reunited with Family After Several Months
$1M in Heroin Stashed in Dog Crate

Dog Alerts Owner to Apt Fire
Dog Plays Fetch Before NHL Game
Ancient Breed Rediscovered

Man Stealing Dog at Dog Park
5 Dogs in History
Child Attacked by Dog Adopted Hrs Earlier

Dog Finds Tainted Water at Campus
15 Breeds for Runners
Interior Dept to Allow Dogs in Workplace

Firefighters Save Dog From Fire
18 Yr Old Dog Adopted
8 Month Old Boy Killed by Dog in MD

Super Scooty
Stray Dog Exchanges Gift for Food
Police K9 Snags 3 Suspects in 90 mins

Dog Saves Girl
Shelter's Dog Day Out
A Dog's Purpose Star Visits Ill Girl

Business, Community Pitch in For Rescue Dog
Scouts Fix up Dog Park
Rescue Dog Joins Beagle Brigade

DNA Test Shows Dog NOT Wolf Hybrid
Guide Dog Training at Oakland Airport
Blue Buffalo Food Recall

Firefighters Save Dog in House Fire
Trooper Helps With Service Dog for Boy
Police K9 Killed in the Line of Duty

Foster Pals
Kylo's Story
Federal Cyanide Trap Kills Dog, Injures Boy

Dogs Celebrate St Patrick's Day
Dog Follows Funeral Procession
City Bans Sale of Pets at Stores

Hockey Fan's Dog Business
Dog Swims in Race
4 Dogs Die in Iditarod this Year

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