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Leadership is the Secret to Getting Your Best Pet

Healthy relationships for best results!Behavior in dogs is directly related to the respect they have for their owners. Because of this, all visits provide coaching for owners on developing "behavioral leadership". When strong leadership is in place, problem behaviors fade as a dog becomes more respectful of an owner's wishes and agenda. Beyond behavior modification, visits are designed to build strong, healthy, respectful relationships between owner and pet.

Thorough Evaluations Provide Insight

As part of my first visit, I always perform a thorough evaluation. The evaluation includes an interview with your family, assessment of your dog, and discussion of your desired goals. Evaluations allow me the opportunity to develop a sense of your dog's unique personality, and to offer tailored options in working toward the goals you have for your pet.

Good Manners Always Expected!

Behavioral TrainingHelping owners establish good leadership will often remedy many issues regarding poor manners with dogs. From the first visit, owners will learn constructive ways to eliminate jumping, inappropriate barking, pulling on the leash when walking, begging at the table, or pestering family members or other pets. Clear leadership and communication helps a dog to quickly learn desired manners in a home. Examples of poor manners include:

Other Problem Behaviors and Issues

Many times owners experience a specific problem that causes a serious disruption in the household. If you find yourself becoming troubled or frustrated by such an issue, early intervention best. Addressing problems not only helps you feel better about your pet, it will help your pet feel better as well. More significant behavioral problems will also require developing strong communication through obedience, so owners should consider a minimum of 3 visits. Examples of more significant dog behavior problems include:

Call Today to Get Started

Please contact me for additional information, or to inquire about any other service not listed. I provide service to Columbus, Ohio area communities.