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Category: "Help Requests"

Support a Local Shelter or Rescue

  01/18/13 08:19, by guy k., Categories: Other Topics, Help Requests
I do as much as possible on this site to support many of our local shelters. With the cold weather and sluggish economy, many shelters are very full while facing economic hardships. I know the Christmas season is over, but it never hurts to do whateve… more »

Christmas and Charities for Dogs

  12/16/11 08:57, by guy k., Categories: Other Topics, Help Requests
This time of year a lot of people wish to donate money to various charitable organizations. If you're interested in helping homeless pets, as in the past, I suggest you donate directly to a local rescue or shelter where you can knock on a door and see… more »

Dogs and Disabilities

  10/04/11 08:37, by guy k., Categories: Dog Behavior, Canine Health, Help Requests
I ran across this story while reviewing several news feeds this morning. This dog wound up at a shelter in NC about 1 month ago, found as a stray and paralyzed from the waist down. He had many sores from dragging himself about. The shelter found another… more »

Abondoned Pets

  07/24/11 08:19, by guy k., Categories: Featured News, Help Requests
In the current economic climate, there have been an increasing number of stories relating to abandoned dogs and pets. Families who are loosing their home, having to relocate, etc. are often forced to leave a pet behind when they can no longer afford its… more »

Getting a Dog During the Holidays

  12/18/08 15:54, by guy k., Categories: Help Requests
Every year there are countless stories about the ills of getting a pet for the Holidays. While holidays are often busy, and therefore stressful, for many that may not be much different from the day-to-day grind they're used to. Therefore, I'm not… more »

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