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Diamond Pet Food Recall

  05/05/12 08:39, by guy k., Categories: Other Topics, Canine Health, Featured News

Diamond Pet foods has had an evolving recall for several of their products coming out of a Gaston, SC plant. These recalls began last month and have been expanding over the past week. Currently, Ohio is one of several States where possibly contaminated product from this plant was shipped. Products include Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health and Taste of the Wild. This recall may expand further. News sources are now reporting several people becoming ill, with a few requiring hospitalization, in connection with this recall.

For the latest information and details on checking production codes on food bags, please visit the following page:


You may also wish to look for updated information on the FDA's website.

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